Key West Fishing Reports

Fishing the color change for Tailing Sailfish April 14 2014

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April 14  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

delete sail IVdelete flagsdelete sail Idelete rackdelete color changedelete sail IIIeight release flagsdelete sail II
It is mid April and the wind and water conditions have come together as they so often do this time of year to produce the ideal situation for catching migrating Sailfish, along with many other species including Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, and Cobia. Strong east current flowing into an east or southeast wind creates the situation where these fish get up on the surface and swim down sea. Combined with a distinct edge where green in shore water meets blue offshore water and mingles to produce “powder” colored water is where the action takes place. We have been catching our fish with the use of live baits fished off kites and also on sunny days by riding up and down the color change sight casting to fish swimming on the surface. We have been seeing 20 to 30 Sailfish a day during the last week. With our tuna tower, nimble manuverability, and over sized live wells, the SOUTHPAW was built for this.

Fishing aboard the SOUTHPAW, March 26 2014 Report

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March 26  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

YT & King rack deleteFarrelly deep seaFarrelly snapperBill's Wahoo2 big MuttonsPhils Bull DolphinWe have been catching a little bit of everything over the course of the last 10 days. This is a transitional time of year and our catch reflects that. Some days we’ve been catching Snapper, Grouper and Kings on the reef edge, other days we’ve been trolling the blue water for Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo.

March 10 2014 Key West Charter Fishing Report

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March 10  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

Brett's YTNassau GrouperAndrea's YTJason's delete JackPat Burns Red SnapperIn the temporary absence of Tuna, Sailfish and other bluewater fish we have been catching King Mackerel, Yellowtail Snapper, Amberjack and other assorted reef and wreck dwellers. All of these fish are fine fighters and many of them are delicious eating.

Feb 25 2014 Key West Fishing Report

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February 26  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

Feb 14 rack of kingsfeb 14 delete snapper kingFeb 2014 Red grouperFeb delete jackfeb 2014 Black grouperfeb 2014 KingMore beautiful weather with calm sea conditions over the last week. Very clear water quality and mostly light current has made for difficult fishing on many days- yes sometimes it can be too calm. None the less, we continue to catch King Mackerel, Yellowtail, Grey and Mutton Snapper, some out of season Grouper, various Jack species and a few Tuna and Sailfish.

Feb 18 2014 Key West Charter Fishing Report

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February 18  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

dave's jumping sail deletefeb 15 2014 YTfeb 15 2014 virtical kingfeb 16 2014 sailSailfishing has improved during the last week, we’ve caught as many as 3 per trip. The Sails have been eating live Goggle eyes fished off a kite or live Ballyhoo slow trolled. We are also catching some large King Mackerel, Mutton Snapper and Yellowtail Snapper

Key West Fishing Report Feb 8th 2014

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February 8  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

feb 14 Wahoofeb 14 AJ deleteFeb 14 deletefeb 14 wahoo on rackFeb 14 big kingsKing Mackerel have finally showed up in good numbers. In most years we have a steady bite of Kings beginning around Christmas time, but this year only in the last week have the Kings really moved into our area. We do our Kingfishing with 15lb spinning tackle. The Kings are great fighters on this light tackle. In addition to the Kings there have been some Wahoo around, also Snapper, Amberjack, Tuna and Sailfish

Jan 30th 2014 Key West Fishing

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January 30  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

Jan 2014 delete Vjan 2014 delete IIIJan 2014 deletejan 2014 delete IIJan 2014 delete IVThe quality of Key West fishing remains slightly below average at the end of January. King Mackerel which are generally a mainstay of our winter action continue to be scarce. Sailfish are also currently poorly represented in our area. We have had a number of calm days coinciding with a full moon which produced good Wahoo action, there have also been some Blackfin Tuna available. On the reef edge we’ve been catching Yellowtail, Muttons and a few out of season Grouper.

Jan 14th Key West Fishing Report

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January 14  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

We hope you enjoy these pictures of various fish Caught aboard the SOUTHPAW in the last week. Many of these catches are the product of 4 hour trips. With winds blowing from every direction in the compass rose, each day has offered a new challenge, and of late, we have rarely done the same type of fishing two days in a row.Harmon rackMike clark rack II                       CudaMike Clark DolphinDan Boge half day

Jan 4th Key West Bottom Fishing and Key West Deep Sea Fishing

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January 4  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

big Grey'snew year muttonnew year TunaDec 2013 WahooLots of variety in our catches over the last week. Everything from Sailfish, Dolphin, Tuna and Wahoo to Cero, and Mutton Snapper. Also plenty of big Grey Snapper and Yellowtail.Joe Quill DolphinJoe Quill Sail

December 27th 2013 Key West Fishing Trips

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December 28  |  Fishing Report  |   CaptainBrad

photo QQphoto Xphoto xxphoto VIIWe extend best wishes for a Happy New Year. Key West Charter Fishing aboard the SOUTHPAW has yielded a mixed bag of fish over the Christmas holidays. We’ve caught a few Sailfish, a few Dolphin, a few Kings, a few Grouper, some snapper and some Cero. Bonita’s, Horse eye Jacks and other assorted members of the Jack Genus have thankfully enlivened several trips. The truth is fishing has been pretty slow of late so we have had to work hard on some days to produce good action. Here are a few good fish caught over the last week.